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Misbah's Programmes


Discovering Islam

Discovering Islam, aims to discover the beauty of Islamic tenets in brief via Al-Misbah Academy in-house structured Programme. 

  • Thought Provoking Series

  • Mental Health Charity

  • Young Muslims Workshop (Kids/Teens)

Exploring Islam

Exploring Islam, aims to present the diversified sciences of Islam via Al-Misbah Academy structured accredited Programmes in collaboration with strategic Partners. 

  • Qur’an Literacy

  • Women Empowerment Series

  • Certificate in Islamic Studies

  • Certificate in Arabic Studies

  • Certificate in Counselling

Acquiring Islam

Acquiring Islam, aims to mould a learner of Islam to be a future student of Knowledge who will adorn their lives with 3 core values: IImu (Knowledge). Ikhlas (Sincerity), Istiqamah (Consistency in religious acts) via our tertiary studies programme in collaboration with prestigious partners

  • Diploma in Shariah Studies

Upcoming Programmes/Intake

The search you have been on to look for a well-structured and effective Islamic studies program has come to an end right here, in Misbah. 

Thought Provoking Series.jpg

Certificate in Islamic Thoughts

A "Certificate in Islamic Thoughts" is an academic program that aims to deepen understanding of religious beliefs beyond the orthodox perspective. It emphasizes embracing inclusivity in diversity by delving into the history of the religion, including the factors that led to divisions within the Islamic community. The objective is to foster reconciliation and promote unity by learning how to interact respectfully with others without causing offense. 

The Quran

Certificate in Qur'anic Studies

A "Certificate in Qur'an Studies" program usually encompasses the development of Quranic literacy, followed by Quranic competency and proficiency. The program aims to enhance understanding and interpretation of the Quran, progressing from basic to advanced tajweed (rules of recitation) learning. Additionally, students are exposed to the Tafsir, which provides deeper insights into the meanings and contextual understanding of the Quran. 

College Graduate

Diploma in Shariah Studies

A "Diploma in Shariah Studies" is an educational program that focuses on various aspects of Islamic teachings and law. It comprises mandatory modules that cover topics such as Arabic language, Tajweed (proper pronunciation and recitation of the Quran), Hadith (traditions and sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAW), Quranic Studies, and the Principles of Islamic Sciences. The program equips students with knowledge and understanding of the principles and disciplines related to Shariah and provides a foundation for further study in Islamic jurisprudence and other related fields.

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