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Our Objectives

A) To provide both foundational and intermediate Islamic Knowledge through methodological principles for understanding and implementation.  ​


B) To empower Muslims to become independent learners who can assess and engage in many ideological concepts and world views.


C) To inculcate professional ethos and work ethics derived from Islamic legislation.

Our Philosophy

In Al-Misbah Academy Singapore, we pride ourselves in empowering our students to obtain their goals, utilizing resources to equip them as lifelong learners. Al-Misbah Academy hopes to cultivate an educational culture where a student is able to expand on their skills, talents and interests through the various academic programs.


Al-Misbah Academy Singapore equips our students with academic proficiency in Islam, positive character building, and a readiness for an ever-evolving society.


To achieve this mission in the best interest of all Singaporean Muslims, we will deliberately practice the Habits of Excellence: “Ilmu, Ikhlas, Istiqamah”

About Us

Al-Misbah Academy operated by The Misbah Pte. Ltd under. Registration Number- UEN: 201541581R is a newly established learning platform providing a holistic approach in studying multidisciplinary Islam-centric knowledge, primarily in the English language. Established on 26 November 2015, Al-Misbah Academy now operates in Geylang.

Al-Misbah Academy is an Islamic Educational Institute, founded by a group of professionals and Asatizahs, under the tutelage of Ustaz Mohammad Khalid Rafi and Ustaz Muhammad Ameen Packir Mohideen. The idea of an academy was put into motion, after the realization of the shortage in a structurize Islamic Study, that would cater to the English-speaking community.

Al Misbah Academy also cater to the shortage of Islamic organizations and Institutions providing a quality structured program in the English Language. We also accommodate to our large number of working adults by offering a part time curriculum. Al-Misbah Academy is conveniently located in Geylang, accessible and conducive for learning. Al-Misbah Academy’s ultimate goal is in delivering world class Islamic knowledge. We are committed to ensuring that our students are motivated in contributing positively to society and committed to lifelong learning.

Religion is essential to our daily lives; our faith is a moral compass guiding our actions and our thoughts and perception. Ultimately, all of us are out on a quest for eternal success, peace and tranquillity. The right knowledge ignites this guiding light and fuels our motivation to better ourselves. The world continues to evolve globally but Islam is timeless; it is a religion that surpasses the test of evolution.

Al-Misbah aims to equip students with knowledge of Islamic fundamentals and values, with the ability to apply their faith and practices in their daily lives. We place emphasis on socially cohesive character building in the hopes of motivating our students to pay it forward with lifelong learning and contribution to our future generation. Al-Misbah Academy’s principle is to provide only quality education through collaboration with recognized and accredited Institutions and Universities around the globe. Quality and reliable knowledge will create individuals who are rooted in their Islamic fundamentals yet progressive in adapting to the ever-evolving society globally. With the objective to create inclusive and dedicated pool of local English-speaking lecturers/tutors. 


Al-Misbah Academy aspires to deliver a structured set of curriculums that balances necessary Islamic sciences with professional development. This   integrated approach to education and training is designed with an emphasis on core moral and spiritual values in shaping a Muslim’s future. As they embark on their professional careers, entrepreneurship and other pathways, it is vital to equip them with the essential skills that will contribute to a tolerant and harmonious community.

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