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  • To give both fundamental and intermediate Islamic knowledge via methodological principles for comprehension and application.

  • To enable Muslims to become self-directed learners capable of evaluating and engaging in a wide range of ideological conceptions and world views.

  • To instill professional ethos and work ethics based on Islamic legislation.


We take pride in empowering our students to achieve their goals by utilizing resources to equip them as lifelong learners at Al-Misbah Academy Singapore. Through the various academic programs, Al-Misbah Academy hopes to cultivate an educational culture in which students can broaden their skills, talents, and interests.​


Al-Misbah Academy Singapore equips our students with academic proficiency in Islam, positive character building, and a readiness for an ever-evolving society.

We will deliberately practice the Habits of Excellence: "Ilmu, Ikhlas, Istiqamah" to achieve this mission in the best interests of all Singaporean Muslims.


Al-Misbah Academy, which is run by The Misbah Pte. Ltd and has the registration number UEN: 201541581R, is a recently developed learning platform that offers a holistic approach to studying diverse Islam-centric knowledge, primarily in English. Al-Misbah Academy, which established on the 26th of November 2015, is now located in Geylang.

Al-Misbah Academy is an Islamic Educational Institute formed by a group of professionals and Asatizahs under the direction of Ustaz Muhammad Ameen Packir Mohideen and Ustaz Mohammad Khalid Rafi. After realizing the lack of a structured Islamic study program for the English-speaking population, the idea of establishing an academy was born.


Al Misbah Academy also addresses the scarcity of Islamic organizations and institutions that offer a quality structured program in English.

We also provide a part-time curriculum to our vast number of adults who work.  Al-Misbah Academy is easily accessible and favorable to learning in Geylang. The ultimate purpose of Al-Misbah Academy is to provide world-class Islamic knowledge. We are devoted to ensuring that our students are motivated to make a constructive contribution to society and are committed to lifelong learning.

Religion is fundamental to our daily lives; our faith serves as a moral compass, directing our behaviors, ideas, and vision. Finally, we are all on a journey for eternal success, peace, and tranquillity. The correct information fires this guiding light and inspires our desire to improve ourselves. The world continues to evolve, but Islam is ageless; it is a religion that transcends time, it is a religion that surpasses the evolutionary test.

Al-Misbah's goal is to provide students with a solid understanding of Islamic fundamentals and values, as well as the ability to apply their beliefs and practices in their daily lives. We emphasize socially integrated character development in the hopes of inspiring our students to pay it forward through lifetime learning and commitment to the next generation. The principle of Al-Misbah Academy is to deliver only quality education through collaboration with recognized and accredited institutions and universities all over the world. Quality and dependable information will produce persons who are entrenched in their Islamic beliefs while remaining progressive in adjusting to the world's ever-changing civilization. With the goal of creating a diverse and committed pool of local English-speaking lecturers/tutors.

Al-Misbah Academy strives to provide an organized set of curriculums that blend essential Islamic sciences with professional development. This comprehensive approach to education and training is intended to shape a Muslim's future by emphasizing key moral and spiritual principles. As they begin their professional jobs, entrepreneurship, and other paths, it is critical that they are equipped with the necessary abilities to contribute to a tolerant and harmonious community.

The Al-Misbah Academy Pedagogy


Acquire the knowledge to navigate through the trials and tribulations of life in the spirit and essence of Islam.


Explore the depths of the Islamic Sciences under the tutelage of qualified and credible scholars.


Discover the reality of being a knowledgeable and practicing Muslim and uncover the meanings of being "An ambassador of God on earth".

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Meet Our Lecturers

Exceptional Educators


Ustaz Muhammad Ameen Packir Mohideen

Masters in Social Science and Humanities, University of Technology Malaysia

Bachelor in Islamic Theology, Islamic University of Madinaa


Ustaz Khalid Rafi

Masters in Asian Studies, RSIS Nanyang Technology University

Bachelor in Syariah, 

Islamic University of Madinah


Ustazah Siti Syariati Sulaiman

Degree in Islamic Knowledge and Heritage International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

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