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The WISE Women is a platform that voices every anguish that women have ever faced. Through the approach of wisdom, we will discover, learn and discuss about promoting the women's sense of self-worth, raising the status of women through rightful education such as psychology, finance and spirituality.


Continuing to break new grounds on gender discriminations faced in homes, workplace, local community and society, we will also be looking at discussions surrounding the physical aspect, occupation, nutrition, social and environmental aspect.


Despite a great deal of progress in today's modern world, we hear you! We wish to change the world's point of view through means of wisdom, one wise story at a time!


• Module 1: Understanding Women In The New Norm

- Spiritual, Psychological & Educational Aspect

• Module 2: The Era Of The WISE Women

- Spiritual, Psychological & Physical Aspect

• Module 3: The Path Forward For Women

- Spiritual, Psychological & Occupational Aspect

• Module 4: Social Influence By The Wise Women

- Spiritual, Psychological & Social Aspect

• Module 5: Mindfulness For Women

- Spiritual, Psychological & Environmental Aspect

• Module 6: Women In The Modern World

- Spiritual, Psychological & Nutritional Aspect

• Module 7: Role Of Women In The Financial World

- Spiritual, Psychological & Financial Aspect

• Module 8: Ideas Of The WISE Women

- Research and Action


Presenting to our sisters distinctively fusion program with the experts from various fields. Take the first step to discover and unleash the hidden beauty of wisdom within yourselves by signing up today.

The WISE Women

The Untapped Reservoir of (W)isdom,
(I)ntelligence, (S)piritual and (E)ducation.


Day: Thursday

Time: 8PM - 10PM (SGT) 

Frequency: Once every week



Online via Zoom Platform


Registration Fee: SGD 30

Monthly Fee: SGD 50

Full Course Fee: SGD 130



Gender: Women Only

Age: 18 Years old and above

Medium: Able to converse and write in Simple English 


Associate Lecturers: 

Religion: Ustazah Nur Hidayah

Psychology:  Fizza Hassan

(Author of "Hear me" - End of mental health stigma

*Invited Guest Speakers.


Course Duration:

2 Months (February - March)

Course Commencing:

10th February 2022

Course Schedule in February;

10th, 17th, 24th

Course Schedule in March;

3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

*Certificate of completion at the end of the program with at least 80% of attendance and commitment

For details and other queries, kindly contact us here.

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