December Holiday: Young Muslims Workshop

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Dec Teens Workshop 2021 Poster edited.png

YOUNG MUSLIMS WORKSHOP (KIDS): 6th - 9th December 2021

YOUNG MUSLIMS WORKSHOP (TEENS): 13th - 16th December 2021

Alhamdulillah after the successful first run of the workshop back in June, we present you the second run that will happen this December. This workshop is designed to instill awareness and understanding for the foundations of Islam for Young Muslims. Themes and topics covered will surround on getting to know the Creator, prayer, Quran and learning to be proud for the blessings of the Muslim identity. For both Kids and Teens, this 4-days workshop offers an enriching learning experience with credible Asatizahs to nurture the right values of the confident and righteous Muslims living in today's ever-evolving society and fast-paced world. This will be facilitated through enriching and interactive learning experiences. The workshop for Kids will further be engaging through hands-on activities while the workshop for Teens will include hands-on projects.

Here's What The Kids & Teens Say About The Workshop;


It is time to enhance the Young Muslim's December itinerary with this workshop by Al-Misbah Academy. Here's to our Young Muslims of today, our leaders of tomorrow. Workshop is fully conducted Online. Register today!

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